Volunteering joins in partnership with Northland Foundation

Posted on: 07/12/16

Keeping any charitable organisation going can be a hard struggle, going from funding round to fundraising appeal to the next funding round. Volunteering Northland and Northland Foundation have partnered together to look for longer-term funding through the generosity of locals who might like to leave something in their will. Many volunteers get enormous satisfaction and enjoyment from their time supporting a local organisation. A gift to Volunteering Northland could make a huge difference in keeping the organisation going into the future. Northland Foundation supports organisations like Volunteering Northland to find, invest and increase such gifts, keeping the capital and providing the interest annually to support operational costs.
If you would like to give to Volunteering Northland in this special way, you can either contact them directly, or chat to us a Northland Foundation 09 459 6327 and we'll help you make your wish a reality.