We live in one of the most beautiful and environmentally diverse regions of New Zealand. Our coastline is spectacular and our podocarp forests are remarkable.

But maintaining our environmental heritage for the future is not a simple process. Many groups and organisations spend countless volunteer hours carefully making sure that what we have now will be sustained and even improved for those who come after us.

Northland Foundation has connections with local conservation and environmental organisations. Some have set up their own endowment funds with the Foundation. You can choose to support them, or you can set up your own named fund to target an environmental cause or project that you support. The choice is yours.

You can give a lasting gift to any of our partners through Northland Foundation.

Our current partners are:

Mountains to Sea Conservation Trust

Check out how to give a lasting gift to Mountains to Sea Conservation Trust here

Puketi Forest Endowment Fund



Puketi Forest Endowment Fund

The Puketi Forest Endowment Fund has been set up under the umbrella of the Northland Foundation, for the maintenance and restoration of Puketi Forest.