Far North Betterment Fund

The Far North Betterment Fund has been set up under the umbrella of Northland Foundation, solely for the benefit of people living in the Far North area.

The Far North Betterment Fund represents donations from individuals, organisations and businesses in the Far North district who want to contribute towards a permanent legacy for the long term benefit of the Far North. Anyone can contribute and donations, gifts, bequests and endowments of all sizes are encouraged and welcomed.

The Northland Foundation will advise on grants. Your contribution will be pooled with others, increasing its effectiveness. The more quickly funds grow the faster the Foundation will be able to make funding available.

The Fund needs to grow to at least $50,000 before the interest off the perpetual investment can be gifted back to the community. So please donate to this worthy cause and see your gift invested for perpetuity for the Far North.

You can also claim a tax credit of 33.3% of your donation (rules apply). Contact Northland Foundation or any of the founding donors for more information.

Brian and Rosemary Archibald and family, have made a donation towards the Far North Betterment Fund so that many more groups and individuals in the Far North can succeed. Read their donor story here:


The Far North Betterment Fund brochure is currently being designed. Please get in touch with the Manager for further information about this fund, Greta: 021 558 224.