Northland Community Fund (formerly known as Community & Families)

Your gift to the Northland Community Fund will help to support and strengthen Northland and Northlanders. Your donations can be pooled and invested or donated directly out, it’s your choice. Interest from the invested funds and direct donations will be delivered to organisations who are supporting the Northland community, in the form of grants.

A donation to the Northland Community Fund allows our grants panel to use their knowledge of the Northland Community to target the income from your donation to wherever the need is greatest at the time. Once per year, applications are accepted from community groups. The grants panel considers each application and delivers the funds where they will have the most benefit.

You can also choose to support the Northland Community Fund in your own way by a donation or gift targeted to a special need which is of interest to you. You can tell us exactly where you want your gift to be targeted and we will make sure that’s exactly where it goes. Below are two existing sub-funds you can donate to now, or you can choose to set up a named fund with a minimum gift of $50,000. Get in touch with us and we can discuss how best to fulfil your wishes.

The choice is yours.

The Northland Grassroots Fund

The Northland Community Fund is kindly supported by The Tindall Foundation in the form of a sub-fund called the Northland Grassroots Fund. Northland Foundation is proud to be a regional funding manager for The Tindall Foundation in the Northland region for the programme area of ‘Supporting Families and Social Services’. By contributing to this fund, you will enable us to support more of the excellent projects that are proposed by and for our local communities.

Volunteering Northland

Volunteering Northland is one of the organisations that is doing great work in the Northland community, matching people with a little time to spare with organisations in need of a helping hand.
Northland Foundation has established an endowment fund on behalf of Volunteering Northland, which you can choose to donate to directly.