Our People

Most of the people connected with Northland Foundation are volunteers giving of their time and talent to forge brighter futures in Northland through giving.

Northland Foundation is made up of a board of volunteers from around Northland who give willingly of their time and talent to encourage giving to charitable and community causes.
As well as the board of trustees, there are three volunteer panels – a Donor Panel, Grants Panel and an Investment Panel all working to make sure that funds are found, invested wisely then grants made to the most appropriate organisations in Northland.

There is one full time staff member – our Manager and one part time staff member – our Finance and Administration Coordinator.

As well as paid staff we have a volunteer Ambassador who supports the work of the Foundation by providing specialised information to both professional advisors and to anyone looking at giving through Northland Foundation to a cause dear to their heart.


The Foundation’s Trustees bring together a wide range of expertise including business and financial management, law and community development.


Our ambassadors, Stuart Spicer, Richie Guy and Kevin Prime bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to their special roles supporting Northland Foundation in a variety of ways. You can contact any of our ambassadors to discuss any aspect of the Foundation.


The Foundation has two part-time staff members – our Manager and the Accounts Administrator.

Grants Panel

The Grants Panel is responsible for ensuring that funds are distributed annually to the most appropriate and fitting oganisations in Northland, according to the criteria set by donors.